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The Self-Defence Workshops have been designed to be practical, efficient and provide realistic training which is adaptable and inclusive to suit most abilities. Our team of instructors who deliver the Workshops have collective experience in conflict management, self-defence and Martial Arts.


We endeavour to provide our clients with a clearer understanding of learning self-defence skills. These are designed to build general confidence for protection against an assailant. The tuition will enable you to assess and react to a variety of scenarios by providing awareness and understanding of potentially dangerous situations. Through practice, the ability to apply these skills will become part of an instinctive movement, based on muscle memory.


Please contact us on through our Contacts page to book your bespoke Workshop and discuss your requirements.


  • "The Course reminded me of various security steps that you take for granted and don't always put into action. I was astounded how easy the techniques were, even with arthritic hands and shoulder. Many of the Self-Defence moves and strategies were most interesting and informative. The Instructor was kind, knowledgeable, flexible, friendly and gave me the confidence to try!" ​- Mrs Christine Robertson Wragg - Aged 67.

  • "Great course! Thoroughly enjoyed it and very insightful!" - Bekki Charles

  • "Very simple and effective skills" - Emma Fisher

  • "Gained more confidence from learning this Course" - Sam Stafford

  •  "Very helpful for my job in a Community Centre and everyday life" - Julia Swann 

  • "Very informative, made it fun to try all the moves. All round excellent - would recommend the Course!" - Margaret Sciascia

  • "It gave me an insight with something I would never have envisaged trying. I will be looking at the information pack provided and trying techniques at home and may look to take training further." - Rita Costar 

  • "I enjoyed everything on the course - all the skills that you would think are hard, seem quite simple and I am a little more confident that I could put a few to use if needed." - Amanda Reynolds

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